The 2020 GNU Riders Choice Snowboard

From design to performance the GNU riders had a heavy hand on this one. Asymmetry, slightly wider waist widths that rail and float. Poppy stable C2 hybrid contours that slide, carve and plane. An unreal eco construction that is built to blast and last. It’s quite possibly the best board GNU have ever made...

Krugs chooses it.
It's your choice.

ASYM Unreal G2 Eco Construction:

ASYM Core - Aspen/Paulownia II/III Heels: Substainably Harvested, Lighter, Stronger and Poppy.

Glass - Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax: Strong and Poppy.

Top - Eco-sublimated PBT: Tough and Enviromentally Nice.

Base -  Eco-sublimated Sintered: Fast, Tough and Holds Wax.

Sidewalls - UHMW: Tough and Fast.

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Cooper Whittier chooses to take on a large snake