The 2020 Rome Len Jørgensen Gang Plank Snowboard

Built for riders that see sidehits and transitions around every turn, the Gang Plank is an opportunistic all-mountain pillager. With enough flex and float to pop a front three into powder, but plenty of pressable power to lay waste to the par, the Gang Plank keeps the good times rolling long after the music stops. With a true twin shape and Contact Rocker camber profile, you’re never out of your element with the Gang Plank.

Len's signature walk of the Gang Plank.


This is no ordinary Gang Plank, this is Len Jorgensen’s signature Gang Plank available in 155cm. This is Len’s go to for cruising the park, pressing everything in the streets and just making everything look super fun. Lenny Powers is the man, this is his board!


True Twin - Perfectly symmetrical, built with centered stances and identical noses and tails.

Contact Rocker - Flat camber between the bindings with rocker outside the bindings; smooth flexing and pressable.

Single Barrel - This pattern inlays a rod down the center line of the board, starting near the insert pack and running towards the tip and tail. This arrangement is great for freestyle boards, as it creates plenty of snap without compromising torsional flex and feel.

Construction - 

  • Glasspack Impact Plates

  • SinterTrue Base

  • StraightBiax Laminate

  • Pop Core Matrix

  • Rebound Sidewalls

  • QuickRip Sidecut

Len goes under whilst Ozzy slides over. 

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Len, happy on the ground or in the air whilst strapped into the Gang Plank.