2024 Swatch Nines x Method recap edit

We were asked to come to the Swatch Nines and report whatever snowboard related action was going on there in the lovely resort of Schilthorn. And what a crazy week it was! The weather kept us down in the village at first, so we improvised a little street session with Simon Gschaider and the hotel golf cart. A pretty unusual start for an event like this... But soon enough we got to go up and see the crazy set-up and the insane riding that went along with it. We even witnessed a couple world records for highest air on what they called a "perfect hip". It was more like a "giant hip" to us, but hey, they're the professional designers, not us. After a couple parties here and there, a quick visit to the James Bond museum (apparently the worst James Bond movie ever made), a nice dinner in a spinning restaurant at the top of the mountain, Chaeun's birthday, some epic snowboarding under a burning sun and maybe the rowdiest Field Report we did so far, we went home with some nice souvenirs and full SD cards. Thus, this edit.

Riders in order of appearance: Kaishu Hirano, Oyvind Kirkhus, Leilani Ettel, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Chaeun Lee, Patrick Hofmann, Nicolas Huber, Queralt Castellet, Simon Gschaider, Juho Laine, Brooke D’Hondt, Mia Brookes, Max Buri, Werni Stock, Vlad Khadrin, Marcus Kleveland & Valentino Guseli.

Interviewed people: Henry Jackson, Nicolas Huber, Juho Laine, Fridge, Kaishu Hirano, Fabio Sturm, Richard Bath, Warrick Martin, Juho Saastamonen and Queralt Castellet.

Filmed and edited by Justin Dutilh
Field Report party host: Theo Acworth
Additional filming Julien Mounier, Fridtjof Tischendorf
and the Hot Media Haus:
Lukas Hauser
Moritz Keller
Lukas König
Jannis Oing 
Peter Kaiser
Andreas Vorhofer
Jonas Schnürch
Imanuel Thallinger
Simon Abele
Fabio Sturm
Nicholas Bredeston
Christian Bjönnes
Johann Hollmüller
Julien Ledermann

Thumbnail photo: Kaishu Hirano by Theo Acworth

Special thanks to:
Nico Zacek
Sophie Acworth
Lukas Hauser
Katja Roth
Thor Remmerde