Brown Cinema Presents "Brown" (Trailer).

After a couple of short but captivating videos from the Brown Cinema collective comes news of the relase of their first full length video, "Brown". If the list or riders featured in the project is anything to go by then you know this one is gonna be insane. The film drops online for FREE at the end of October so we don't have to wait long.

Featuring: Keegan Valaika, Harrison Gordon, Scott Blum, Louif Paradis, Brandon Cocard, Forest Bailey, Mike Rav, Keenan Cawley, Sammy Rowse, Hunter Wood, Kohei Kudo, Blake Paul, Teddy Koo, Spencer Shoeburt, Jeff Richards, Cale Zima, Christian Connors, Victor Daviet, Alex Sherman, Nik Baden, Garrett Warnick & Jaeger Bailey.

Filmed in: Utah, California, Japan, France, Italy, Switzerland, Chile, and El Salvador