HEXAGON PROJECT - Teaser + Tour Dates

Hexagon, a two years project, directed by Marco Morandi is a deep journey following the snowboarding of Toni Kerkela, Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban, Kas Lemmens, Sebi Springeth and Max Zebe.

Along with the film, a book has been printed.


A collection of photos by Theo Acworth mixed with the words by the actors of this finest project produced by Method.

Join the crew at a stop near you, enjoy the film and grab a copy of the book.

Tour dates and locations: 

September 30th - Annecy - High Five Festival

October 5th - Innsbruck - Treibhaus

October 8th - Milan - Pinbowl DIY

November 12th - Eindhoven - Montana Snow Center

December 3rd - Helsinki - BlueTomato

December 10th - Laax - Riders Hotel

Hexagon drops on-line December 12th on Method.

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Photos by Theo.