[HEXAGON] Volume Two

This summer the Hexagon Project crew heading up to Les 2 Alpes for some summer shredding to get the blood pumping once more for a big winter planned. Filmer and creator of the project Marco Morandi has a few words to say as we start to knock on the door of Winter 21/22:

"Well, what to say….I’ve been filming for so long but I always dreamed about this crew.
I’ve been out in the street with these guys many times in the last 10 years, filming for different projects, but we never have been able to cruise all together.

What I like the most is the fact that we are friends first.

Last year around May I asked Toni, Kas, Benny, Dom, Max and Sebi if they were down to spend a week in Zermatt, just to have fun, boarding a bit, skate, chill. And it turned out spontaneusly as the most classic family vacation.

As a gift, I gave to each guy a small glass prism bought at the chinese’s mall close by my house in Milan… and that’s how the Hexagon Project started.

The plan was to film and release few episodes in Fall meanwhile filming for a full length movie. Unfortunately Covid-19 changed our plans.

The hardest part of it in Europe was that each country had different regulations and restrictions, so while Switzerland was fully open, in Austria, France, Italy and the Scandinavian countries Boarders and Customs were open one day and then closed the day after.
Definitely not really the best scenario to plan filming trips and flights, especially if you have a crew of 6 riders from 6 different countries.

Today is the day of Hexagon Volume Two, from Les 2 Alpes: classic summer boarding from the Franch glacier featuring Kas, Benny, Dom, Sebi and the appareance of Gian Sutter and Sevi Van Der Meer.

On December 15th we will release the Hexagon Promo.
In between we have couple of screening around Europe with the launch of a Zine and a limited edition Hexagon Merch provided by Method."

Photos by Theo Acworth

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