L1 Premium Goods 'Zaciniti' - Dominik Wagner & Simon Gschaider

Zaciniti is Dominik Wagner and Simon Gschaider´s full part from the 2019/2020 winter season - dedicated to traveling the unknown streets and cities of eastern Europe in search of the unknown. 
Dominik and Simon both grew up on the east side of Austria where the foothills of the alps run into the great plains of the east... Even though they now live up in the Austrian Alps they still have an internal desire to explore the unmapped streets in search of creativity and inspiration - ZACINITI.  

Snowboarding is boundless, there are no written rules, no designated places - your limitations are only created by your mind. L1 is designed to provide individuals with the freedom in versatility with a 20k standard protection.  

Created and Edited by Alex Pfeffer 
Filming - Alex Pfeffer and Karsten Boysen