Toni Kerkela's FOCUS Movie - Teaser

After joining the Salomon Global Pro Team in 2017, Toni Kerkela hits the ground running with a full-length project, focusing on street riding around the world with a heavy supporting cast including Bode Merrill, Louif Paradis, Artem Smolin, Flo Corzelius, and friends. Each join Toni at a new location throughout the winter, from street spots in Finland and Quebec City to the pasta tables of Italy. 

Premiere Tour Date and locations:

•        October 18th - Innsbruck (AUT)

•        October 23rd - Annecy (FR)

•        October 25th - Milan (IT)

·         October 28th - Portland (OR)

Full movie drops 24th October, in the meantime enjoy this tease.

Filmed and edited by Marco Johnnie Morandi.