Talma with the Vans Euro Team


All you could hear was whoops and laughs and shouts. Guys hitting features three at a time. Close calls but never any crashes. Palpable energy drifting through the dusky air. Will Smith was firing down the rail line faster than Larrogs could sink a glass of red wine. Sparrow Knox was backflipping and switch back lipping with a smile wider than his ears. Sami Luhtanen was sending burly back threes that could knock you out. Antti Jussila showing off his local knowledge and expertise, pure grace. Sebi Springeth kept things smooth and casual picking his own line through the park. Cees Wille was everywhere, every fibre of his being in harmony. Benny Urban took a break from judges duties with boned out airs, stretchy legs despite the cold. Enni Rukijarvi keeping it mellow with Olympic prowess. Ivika Jürgenson tweaked front and back boards impeccably. Kas Lemmens, Joonas Eloranta and Simon Houlind represented their own with style and speed turned up to the maximum.


All this while kids jostled for position to win some cash. When the competition was over and the kids had left for home and dinners and bedtime snacks we kept lapping the park. Until the sun went down. Until there was nothing left in our legs. Talma is too much fun. Here are the fruits of their labours. Labours of love. Or just pure love for snowboarding. Laps of love. Keeping it simple and flowing. Taking exciting new lines through the park. This is the Vans team edit from the Talma stop of the Hi-Standard Series. Like a demo. But a casual one. Off in the background. Nothing too flashy. Just real snowboarding. Real fun. How it should be when your 5500cm above sea level and the drag lift takes less than two minutes. 


Film and Edit: Theo Acworth
Follow Cam: Gimbal Gary
Words and Photos: William Sleigh