Blue Tomato's Jib City Rail Jam Presented by Vans - Photo Recap

Photos by Ponchitz

The morning after an epic night presenting out Method Movie 3 for the first time meant that heads were sore but there was a rail jam to get firing, the Vans Jib City Rail Jam as part of the Blue Tomato Snowvention event. Riders such as Benny Urban, Will Smith, Simon Pircher, Sparrow Knox, Jesse Augustinus, Max Zebe and many more were all in attendance and hyped on the rail set up. It had a bit of everything with a down rail, down flat down, flat rail to gap and a wallride so the riders got creative. 

Big congrats to Simon Pircher for taking the crown, with Max Zebe and Benny Urban taking up the rest of the podium. For the ladies Rachida Aoulad took the win just ahead of Ivika Jurgensen and Elena Gradie.

Check the photos before for all the action...

Jesse chillin' through the down rail


Flo with a solid backlip on the DFD


Sun was sunshine, crowd was hyped.


Elena locking it in on the down rail


Nikita ready to drop from the extention


Nikita and Will stoked on the hangover cure


Denis getting tricky as always


Benny transfering from backlip to wallride


Simon going all the way for the win


Swoboda lining up for the kinks


Yeh he's gonna transfer... it's Sparrow.


Same goes for Denis obviously...


Nikita gets footloose through the kinks


The ladies podium, Rachida 1st, Ivika 2nd and Elena 3rd


The Men's podium with Simon P 1st, Max Zebe 2nd and Benny Urban 3rd


Will Smith took the best trick


The Blue Tomato trophies!