The 2020 Union Contact 'Scott Stevens' Pro Bindings

If you've ever seen one of Scott Steven's video parts, the first thing you'll notice is his attention to detail. Even if it's the weirdest trick on a spot nobody's ever thought of hitting, Scott won't be finished until it's perfect. The same goes for his snowboard sticker jobs. At first glance, his topsheet seems like a mess, but everything is there for a reason. This is what makes the colourway of this binding so awesome. There are a ton of stories to be told within one binding. 
A canvas of Scott's history, from brands he rides and rode for to favour fast food!


The 2020 Scott Stevens Contact Pro Model maintains the Union philosophy of minimal binding-to-board contact for less interference with your board’s natural flex pattern. Sold in limited quantities, the sturdy asymmetrical highbacks combined with a mid-soft “loose trucks” feeling base, make it an excellent choice for park laps and street features. Minimal, comftable and supportive ankle and toe straps with the Forma and Ultragrip along with an Asym S2 Highback with no FLAD (forward leam adjuster) because if you're gonna shred the way Scott rips, you definitely don't need any forward lean to allow for those loose butters and presses.
Baseplate – CP3 - Duraflex

Bushing – Full-Bottom Thermoformed EVA

Heelcup - Extruded 3D Aluminum

Highback – ASYM S2 - Duraflex

Ankle Strap – Forma 

Toe Strap – Ultragrip

Ratchets – Aluminum 

Flad – No Flad  

Hardware – Grade 8.8


It's all in the detail.


Additional Details:

Disk Type – Mini Disk

Canting – No

Strap Adjustment – Traditional

Warranty - Lifetime for baseplates/heelcup. 1 year for all other parts.

Ridden By: Scott Stevens    

Color: Topsheet 

Size: M-L
Benchpress master.
For more infomation on this binding and the rest from the Union Binding company click HERE.