BRANDED: K2 Alchemist 20/21 Snowboard

Welcome back to BRANDED. This week we take a look at The Alchemist from K2. There is no doubt, this board is the real deal. An aggressive directional snowboard built by obsessive snowboarders for obsessive snowboarders, the K2 Alchemist is at home in any terrain and ready to be unleashed on every chute, drop, or pow stash you can find.


Riding the biggest lines and landing the biggest tricks requires precision, focus, and the right equipment to safely unstrap at the bottom. To meet the demands of K2's team riders like Pat and Sage, the K2 Alchemist snowboard integrates all of their premium technology, and is the result of extensive testing and an obsessive desire to design the most capable freeride snowboard on the market.

A powerhouse, through and through. The Alchemist was truly developed hand-in-hand with K2's team, testing n’ tweaking each iteration of the design until they landed on a rugged construction that stacks up to their daily abuse, and a good-looking shape that’s nimble and easy to maneuver.

Built using the most premium materials, they've packed the Alchemist with new Bambooyah™ Pro Core with SpaceGlass™, Carbon Power Forks, Carbon Infused 5500 Sintered Race base, and K2’s Spectral Braid - truly making it the pillar of the K2 Freeride Collection.

Directional Camber Profile
Bambooyah™ Pro Core
Triax Glass
Spectral Braid
Carbon Power Fork
Carbon Infused 5500 Sintered Base
2x4 Inserts

157cm, 160cm, 163cm, w159cm, w164cm

Flex: 9

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