BRANDED: The Thruster by Nidecker Snowboards

Welcome to BRANDED, our weekly product drop bringing you all the best snowboard gear from the best brands out there. To close off 2021 were taking a look at the Thruster from Nidecker Snowboards. Stability, progression and fun are what the Thruster is about, creating the perfect tool for sending it in any terrain, no matter who you are!

Nidecker has poured decades of experience shaping performance snowboards into this new all-mountain charger. Introducing the Thruster. Combining elements of our previous best-selling models, the Platinum and Rave, with the latest in 3D design, the Thruster is made for aggressive high-speed carving. Its built on the lightest core in the Nidecker line, with a powerful camber profile and a super dense N-9000 sintered base that minimises drag.

“This board is the perfect compromise for everybody to ride every terrains. First I tried the Thruster in the park, it was super fun to ride even riding switch the drivability was really nice, so a super playful one. Then later I tried it in all mountains terrains, as every Nidecker’s boards, carving is super smooth and the board easy to maneuver. I think you just need to strap on to feel good on the Thruster. This board is going everywhere with everyone!” - Sebby K

SideKick tips raise the wide points off the snow, making it smoother to engage the edges and helping the nose plow through deep snow and crud. Added carbon and an Absorbnid topsheet deliver a stable, chatter-free ride even when your eyes are watering. The name of the game here is control. Its a missile, sure, but its laser-guided.

When Nidecker sat down to create the Thruster, the goal was simple: make the ultimate all-mountain snowboard, something that excels in powder, on-piste and in the park. They were so sure of the vision and also wanted to make sure that anybody could experience it, so from the ground up they built this to be their first-ever unisex snowboard. No more 'shrink it and pink it' this board is for any rider that likes charging hard! 

The Thruster gets its name from the pinnacle of surfboard design, the style of boards ridden by world champions to showcase their skills in any type of wave from Californian beach breaks to Polynesian barrels. The Thruster is built for powerful carves and getting airborne in all snow conditions. Slush, pow, ice or hardpack, it'll push you to get radical.

When you're creating the best, you don't skimp, so the Thruster is built with their lightest core, fastest base and most premium materials back up a progressive, tapered sidecut and a do-anything mid-stiff flex, so on the hill the only thing holding you back are your own limits.

Check the full specs HERE