Vans Snowboarding presents: It’s Love

"It's Love" just came out and as always, the Vans crew killed it !

The short film made by Tanner Pendleton presents a handful of Vans most creative and influential athletes in a very mellow and loving atmphosphere. It's very cool to see them destroy the streets in such a layback vibe. The end result is a medley of top-notch snowboarding, adventure, and community togetherness.

© Oli Gagnon  - Cole Navin uphill 50 to bs 1

Ultimately, this film serves as a reminder of why we started snowboarding in the first place. For the love of it we might say.

Oh and Kennedi simply shines the whole way...

© Oli Gagnon  - Kennedi Deck with a sweet line

Filmed on location in Ohio, Utah, and Iceland in super 16mm, the film brings forward the bangers, the banal, and everything in between.

Featuring: Cole Navin, Parker Szumoski, Kennedi Deck, Jill Perkins, Jake Kuzyk and Dan Lideahl

Directed by: Tanner Pendleton

Music Credits:
Movie Intro - Strictly Ballroom "Fire (Remix)"
Parker Szumowski Section - "New Angels" by Strictly Ballroom
Kennedi Deck - Morrisey “Breakup the Family”